WHAT we do


Dale Rosicky Land Surveying LLC offers a wide variety of services to our clients.

To know which type of survey you need, please see below or contact us at 715.342.9649

• Documentation Research

We research legal boundaries of property in public records and other documents,

such as deeds, legal records and maps.

• Land Measurement

We travel to work sites and then, by using specialized equipment, measure and

record any land features such as contour, location and elevation.

• Boundary Disputes

Our team will investigate any easements or encroachments on property boundaries

and report those to the parties involved.

• Determining Boundaries

When legal documentation isn’t available; our team can help determine boundaries

using precise mapping tools, knowledge of laws, rules of evidence and local

standards of practice.

• Legal Documentation

Our team prepares data and reports to be submitted in court, in cases of legal

disputes regarding boundary locations.

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